• Apply the Linear Motor/Maglev Technology to Four High-growth Industries to Achieve:

    Faster Speed, Lower Cost, Lower Energy and Longer Lifetime

  • What is the Essence of Maglev?

    Maglev/linear motor system: converts electrical energy directly into motion

    Conventional rotary motor: converts electric energy into motion via reducer/gear/ screwrod/belt/rope etc.

  • What Kind of Problem Does We Want to Solve?

    How to make the speed of transportation and logistics become faster?


    How to relief people from wasting time on their way?


    How to enable human beings move to other planets when asteroid hits earth?



  • Maglev Intelligent Unmanned Super-highway

    (Carries Vehicle, Passenger, Logistics)


    Based on the existing technology of Shanghai maglev train 430-500km/h, a maglev shuttle with 400-500km/h will be built, which will increase the traffic speed within the city by 8-13 times and inter-city speed by 5-10 times.


    The travel time between Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing and Tianjin will be shortened from 125-170min to less than 10-25min, largely accelerating the urban economic integration.

  • Maglev Solutions for Product Display, Exhibitions, Education, Creative Gifts Products, Etc.

    We have developed:

       - Repulsive maglev equipment with the highest suspension distance

       (8.8cm) and the largest load (10kg) in the world

       - 500kg superconducting and electromagnetic maglev solution for commercial display and amusement uses

       - 360 all degree levitation

  • Existing and Potential Clients in the Application of Advertising, Gift and Education

    The company CEO Peng Chuyao was named on the 2017 Forbes China “30 under 30” list in July, 2017, in recognizing his ground-breaking

    exploration in bringing the world’s most advanced magnetic and superconducting levitation technology into all walks of life.

  • We built the most powerful start-up technology team

    on maglev/linear motor tech application


    Chuyao Peng


    •2017 Forbes China 30 Under 30

    •Former Director of Marketing and Sales of Shanghai Superconductor

    •Initiated the world's first high-temperature superconducting magnet maglev train at 600 km/h

    •Ph.D. Admission from University of Oxford. M.Sc. in EPFL, B.Eng. in HUST.



    Prof. Lin

    Chief Scientific Officer

    •Committee of the international Maglev Congress

    •Chief Scientist of Shanghai Pudong maglev high-speed train

    •Main technical expert in Changsha medium-low speed maglev train project

    •Bachelor‘s degree in Zhejiang University,

    PhD in Southwest Jiaotong University

  • Colin Liu

    Strategic Operations & Management

    •Nearly 20 years' professional experience across 5 industry-leading multinationals, including Las Vegas Sands Corp, MGM Resorts International, NewellRubbermaid, Siemens and Dalian Wanda Group…

    •Partner of APEX Capital; Managing Director of SUREMAKER & PARTNER

    •Oxford Brookes MBA; Xi'an Jiaotong University: Bachelor of Turbine Engineering


    Dr. Cui

    Magnetic Suspension Technology

    •Postdoctoral fellow at Politecnico di Torino

    •Ph.D. of robot control and intelligent system at

    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

    •Master of mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Torino

    •Bachelor of mechanical engineering at Southeast University

    •8-year experience in magnetic levitation technology design/electromagnetic simulation/control system/electromechanical system design/

    engineering practice


    Kaihong Yu

    Product R&D

    •8 years’ experience in R&D of electronic, embedded and MEMS system

    •Helped Huawei master the US technology, such as Serdes (56G serial unloader)

    •Developed many key technologies for aerospace, satellite,

    military industry and commercial rocket

    •Worked in Huawei HiSilicon

    Dr. Yu

    Electromagnetic simulation Lead

    •PhD of TsingHua University

    •5 years experience in electromagnetic design

    •Rich experience in the design and optimization of maglev bearings

    Zhouer Zhang

    Branding and PR

    •Former head of brand/new media at British Consulate-General Shanghai

    •Winner of the Global Publicity Awards 2016 awarded by British Foreign

    and Commonwealth Office

    •Reported the London Olympics for BBC China

    •Master of journalism at University of Sheffield, UK

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